Guided tours to Paestum

Discovering one of the best preserved cities from the times of Greek colonization

The original name of the city was Poseidonia, founded by the Greeks at the end of the 7th century BC. The new colony was named after the Greek god Poseidon, protector of the sea.

This archaeological area is now one of the best preserved city which date back to the times of Greek colonization.

We will go to discover the evolution of this ancient city from the Greeks to the Romans through the ruins of temples dedicated to Athena, Hera, Apollo and Zeus, and public buildings.

In front of the archeological site there is also an incredible National Museum that gathers some of the most important artifacts of Greek and Roman times together. The masterpiece of 2500 years ago is the painted Tomb of the Diver.

Poseidonia/Paestum is also listed in the cultural heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

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Monday – Sunday 10:30 am
Duration: about 2 hours

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30 € per person. Tickets not included.
FREE under 5 years old

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