Five friends from Salerno, five licensed tourist guides of the Campania Region, art historians and archaeologists.

We live in Salerno, charming maritime city, located in the middle of an huge historical and artistic heritage and embraced by two of the most beautiful coast in the world: Amalfi and Cilento Coasts.

Since childhood our passions have been Greek myths, history of the Roman Empire and the different forms and styles of the art.

We have continued to cultivate these interests at the University of Naples, Rome and Athens where we explore further our knowledges of art and antiquity.

We worked together on archeological excavations in the sites of Pompeii, Paestum and Velia. We also cooperated in exhibitions design and events with contemporary artists as Galliani and Mark Kostabi.

After working and studying in different parts of the world from France to China, from UK to Spain, we met again in our city with the aim of working to improve our incredible land.

The idea of “Apollo Guide” was born just for this reason by the desire to describe a land full of beauties, a land that we deeply feel able to evoke magical suggestions and a glorious time past.

In the name that we gave to this project there is the suggestion of bringing to light beauty and history of places still little known, just as years ago Salerno fishermen have caught the bronze head of apollo from the deep.

Even with the name of our project we wanted to bring to light the beauty and the history of places still less known  just like Salerno, where fishermen years ago brought the bronze head of Apollo back from the abyss.

Not just material history, but also culinary history will lead our guests to the discovery of typical dishes and products which have disappeared from our tables, but with the help of Slow Food, which we cooperate whit, they are coming back in our tradition.

Well, what are you waiting for? Join us and let the discovery of Campania begin start!

We will find the secret of ancient Greek and Romans who knew the amazing beauty of these places. You will meet also other ancient civilizations and royal families as like the Lombards, Normans, Angevins, Aragons, Bourbons, who run and enriched the region with monuments of breathtaking beauty and historical value.

We will show you the old town of salerno, the Greek temples of Paestum, the buried cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the maritime power of the Amalfi Coast, the rooms of the Royal Palace of Caserta, Naples, delicious local dishes and much more.

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